Swans M1, quality without limits
  • SWANS M1
    Die M1 Monitore könnten Sie schockieren.
    Im positivsten Sinne.
  • SWANS F2.3
    "State of the Art"

Quality is a matter of trust!

Swans speakers are designed and built to our highest standards, providing the quality and reliability you expect from a high-end manufacturer. Each speaker is exhaustively tested and subject to very strict inspections and manufacturing controlling before being shipped.

All registered Swans Europe speakers are granted with a
72 months warranty on materials and/or manufacturing defects
for passive speakers and 24 month for electronics.
The warranty registration takes place exclusively through our
authorized distributors.

(Excluded, of course, are gray imports and private imports)

As one of the world's largest manufacturer Swans / HiVi Research speakers and components are produced slightly different for various countries depending on their current regulations and specifications.
Swans-Europe delivers only exclusively under EU rules manufactured components.
(ROHS, WEEE, CE, GP, etc.)

WEEE-Reg. no. DE 57125787


SWANS Europe is registered at the "Green Point" (Germany)