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Tests & Reviews

Trust your own ears !


The performance of loudspeakers is exceptionally vulnerable to sounding different depending upon the electronics and wires (hardware) used, the acoustics of the environment auditioned in and, last but not least, the quality of the recorded material (software), listened to. Therefore, we suggest before you buy a speaker to audition at length to different musical genres and selections. The SWANS M1 is not an ideal loudspeaker partner for enjoying Heavy Metal, nor is the SWANS F1 'happy' with a 7W SET tube (valve) amplifier ...  SWANS offers a comprehensive range of speakers for just about every taste.

Take your time when choosing the final selection for your new loudspeaker !


Paying attention to short auditions, when changing from one speaker to another especially, it is easy to be 'impressed' by more brilliant-sounding tweeters or the sensitivity (loudness) of the transducers presented. Please be careful not to fall for 'spectacular' presentations unless absolutely sure about your decision. There are too many loudspeakers on the market which will not be rewarding in the long run if your aim is to find something gratifying for long relaxed listening sessions in your own private environment !

A short remark regarding 'Test Reports' is that these always stress the subjective view of the reviewer/editor. This will surely also be based upon the personal likes and dislikes (taste) of the reviewer; and technical data by itself, says nothing as to what something 'sounds' like. It is also not a secret that not all 'Test Reports' are without financial interests involved. With this in mind, please remember that only a small portion of a magazine [including most on-line ones, even if 'for free'] or periodical is financed by the cost paid at the newsstand - they are mainly financed by advertisements.