Swans M1, quality without limits
  • SWANS M1
    Die M1 Monitore könnten Sie schockieren.
    Im positivsten Sinne.
  • SWANS F2.3
    "State of the Art"

Let's take a look inside our speakers ...

For the suppression of disturbing resonances all speaker-enclosures are made of solid MDF with optimized bracing. We tried to avoid parallel enclosure walls while designing. In addition, our large systems are created with modular housing to keep deep bass resonances away from the high-midrange unit. The frequency crossovers are electrically separated on several boards for each area and effectively decoupled from the cabinets. In the high-range-/tweeter area, premium high-quality film capacitors and air coil chokes are used. Our speakers feature no unnecessary and sound-degrading connectors. All connections are soldered, the internal wiring consists of high-quality OFC cables with customized geometry. 

The development and fine tuning of the speakers is done with prematurely aged, burnt in (stabilized) chassis. The sound of our speakers will not deteriorate over the years, which, on the other hand [and like most high-end loudspeakers] also means that Swans speakers require quite a long period to reach their full performance potential. Please do not be afraid if your new Swans speakers sound new out of the box just a bit fuzzy and dull. This is normal. With cumulative playing time their performance gets better and better and once broken in, surely revealing a level of quality most astonishing. There is not much to say about the performance quality of our chassis as they are used worldwide quite honestly by many premium speaker manufacturers. 

D3.1 massive MDF enclosure with strut
D3.1 two crossovers
D3.1 with Low-midrange engine
M1 monitor premium chassis
M1 monitor with crossovers
M1 monitor with genuine leather front
Diva highrange crossover unit
Diva midrange crossover unit
Diva lowrange crossover, massive MDF enclosure
F1.1 chassis made of solid aluminum
F1.1 bass with oversized voice coil and internal placed magnet
F1.1 Massive MDF enclosure with many struts
F1.1 port terminals, extremely solid MDF cabinet
F2.2 HQ midrange crossover
F2.2 bass with oversized voice coil and magnet internal
F2.3 separated crossover
Q2.3 midrange crossover with foil capacitors
Subwoofer enclosure with various housing struts
38 cm subwoofer chassis
S600 with dismantled MDF front panel
M200 motherboard, high-quality components (WIMA capacitors, etc.)
M1 GH crossovers, extremely high-quality components from Mundorf
TS6 crossover, MOX resistors, capacitors Solen treble, Aircoils
F2.3 highrange part

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